Gasoline price in France to 1.50 euros per liter

July 27, 2022

Record Prices

Rising oil prices due to the war between Russia and Ukraine are causing record prices at the pump. Annoying for the consumer, but not for the oil companies. These take full advantage of higher oil prices and make billions in profits. Shell made a profit of 18 billion euros in 2021, and French oil and gas giant TotalEnergies made a profit of 4.5 billion euros in the first three months of 2022 alone. The French government thinks it’s time for the oil giant to give something back to the people and adjust its prices, reports the AD.


As in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, the government in France also lowered gasoline and diesel prices in recent months. In France, the price for a liter of gasoline and diesel went down by 18 cents from April 1. But the government is now adding to that. In September and October, the discount increases to 30 cents per liter. In November and December, the government discount drops to 10 cents per liter.

Low petrol price in France

The French government wants the oil companies to contribute as well. French oil giant TotalEnergies did not initially see fit to do so, but agreed after the Élysée Palace threatened to tax the company’s mega-profits. At Total stations, French people can already fill up at 10 cents off per liter today. Between September and November, this rises to 20 cents per liter. So in total, between September and November, French people will get 50 cents off a liter of gasoline and diesel. According to French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire, the price for a liter of diesel and gasoline will fall to 1.50 euros. Motorists save 25 euros on a 50-liter tank during that period. Where the 10 cheapest gas stations in the Netherlands are located you can read here.