Fuel pump broken? Everything you need to know about the fuel pump

November 7, 2022

How does the fuel pump work?

We probably don’t have to explain it to you: an internal combustion engine works by igniting fuel. But then it has to get fuel. This is done in a car by means of a fuel pump, which ensures that the fuel goes from the fuel tank to the engine block with a pipe. The fuel is then injected into the engine at high pressure or reaches the carburetors.

What types of fuel pumps are there?

There are two types of fuel pumps: a mechanical and an electric fuel pump. Old cars still often have a mechanical one, but in more modern cars, an electric fuel pump ensures that the gasoline or diesel gets to the engine.

Fuel pump defective

Symptoms of a faulty fuel pump include an engine skipping and an engine struggling to start. It may also increase the car’s fuel consumption. Replacing the electronic fuel pump is a specialized job best left to an auto mechanic. Therefore, should your car have a broken fuel pump, it is wise to bring it to a specialist.

What does a fuel pump replacement cost?

The cost of repairing a fuel pump varies. This depends on the type of pump and the car, among other things. The price of these can range from 500 euros to over 2,000 euros. However, if you own a vintage car with a mechanical fuel pump, then – provided you are a bit handy – this can often be repaired yourself. Consult the Internet for good explanations for this.

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