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Four handy tips for buying a (used) car

July 19, 2022

Tip 1: Determine your budget

New or used, a car is always a big purchase. Therefore, it is wise to establish a budget in advance. Think about how much money you want to spend on the car. This way you can do a targeted search right away and you won’t end up with cars you can’t afford. In addition to the purchase price, the monthly cost is also very important. A car check allows you to look up the fixed and variable costs of a car. This way you know exactly how much the car will cost you (monthly) and you can immediately see if it is within your budget. 

Tip 2: Find out where you want to buy the car

There are several ways to buy a car: from a dealer, a garage, a car dealer, an individual or online. Dealers, garages and car dealers generally offer a variety of car brands and often provide warranties. 

A car you buy from a dealer meets the terms of delivery that the manufacturer of the car brand sets for dealers. This is not always the case with cars you buy from garages, car dealers, online and from individuals. Buying a car online or from a private individual is generally the cheapest, but you don’t get any guarantee on the condition of the car. So decide for yourself what you think is important. 

Tip 3: Take a test drive

Whether you’re buying a new or used car, always take a test drive. This way you can feel for yourself how the car drives and if you like it. If you have little understanding of cars, it is wise to take someone with you on a test drive who does. This person can assess whether the car is also technically sound. Sellers, by the way, are required by law to report defects in the car. 

Tip 4: Negotiate the price

No matter how much you want a car, always negotiate the price. This is quite normal. At a dealership, it is even normal to be eight to ten percent below the sales price. Want to buy a used car? Then always do a license plate check. This way you know what the current value of the car is and how many owners it has had. That way, you go into the negotiation better informed.

Negotiating the price can save you tens to hundreds of dollars, so it’s definitely worth it. Are you not good at negotiating? Then take someone with you who is good at this.