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Formula 1 race director Michael Masi sidelined

February 21, 2022


In the last race of the season, Max Verstappen took the world championship title at the expense of Lewis Hamilton. Partly due to the decisions made by Michael Masi during the final phase of the race, in which he brought in the safety car with one lap to go and let those lagging behind overtake. This allowed Max to attack Hamilton on fresher tires on the last lap and the rest is known . It is not yet known what task Michael Masi will receive within the FIA.


The new race directors are called Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas and will alternate. They are supported by Herbie Blash, former F1 deputy Race Director. To keep an eye on the new race directors Ben Sulayam has a new plan . In which a kind of VAR is created, as we also know in football. This will supervise the decisions of the race management.

Just like in football, the people in this team will not be on site, but will follow everything from a distance. The new plans have already been presented to Stefano Domenicali and all F1 team bosses. Everyone unanimously agreed to the new plans. In addition, it is no longer possible as a team boss to have direct contact with the race management.