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Forget the Cybertruck: the RAAZER is more angular

January 3, 2024


Believe it or not, but some people perceive the Tesla Cybertruck’s design as too busy. In good English you would call it “overdesigned.” American Bill Papke is one such person. So he bought a 1991 Honda Beat – itself a remarkable car – on an American auction site two years ago, with the goal of converting it into a car with only four flat surfaces.

Photos: Bring A Trailer/Bill Papke


With the help of CAD software and a local welder, he drew and built a wedge-shaped body frame, which was mounted on the Honda’s chassis. A water jet was used to cut new body parts from aluminum, which were then firmly attached to the frame with glue. The car was then fitted with custom glass, along with new 16-inch wheels and LED lighting. The exterior received the finishing touch with a vinyl wrap in brushed titanium. The result is a kind of origami-like Cybertruck.

Photos: Bring A Trailer/Bill Papke

No shopping car

Construction of the remarkable four-wheeler took less than a year. Papke says he added 45 pounds to the Honda Beat’s weight. For a car that weighs only about 750 pounds, that is a relatively hefty weight gain. What Papke is doing with the car? Showing off, of course! “I take him to local car shows, where he commands all the attention and makes even the most expensive exotic cars fade away,” Papke says. “Of course it’s not a speed monster and not an everyday shopping car, but it’s a pleasure to drive it.”