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Ford pulls plug on Fiesta after 47 years

October 28, 2022

End of production Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta name will no longer be seen among the new cars at Ford dealerships starting next year. Indeed, in June 2023, the last Fiesta rolls off the assembly line at Ford of Europe in Cologne. Ford then immediately relegates the model designation to the history books, as a new generation Fiesta is not on the horizon. The hot Fiesta ST will also cease to exist next year.

The end of production of the Fiesta should begin to make room at the Cologne plant for a new electric model. Presumably that is the “Sport Crossover” that Ford showed in a teaser image last March.

Fiesta, thanks

For Ford, the Fiesta has been unprecedentedly successful. In the Netherlands, the Fiesta is even the brand s best-selling model after the Escort. Sales did decline somewhat in recent years, but so far this year a scant 2,000 new Fiestas have still been registered. Part of the Fiesta’s declining sales can be attributed to Ford itself: the Puma, with over 2,200 units this year, is doing a lot better than the Fiesta.

The Puma has overtaken the Fiesta.

Ford is certainly not letting the farewell of the Fiesta go unnoticed. In a video, the brand passes along the entire history of the Fiesta. “It’s time to say hello to the little car that touched so many hearts,” Ford said, with the brand introducing the hashtag #FarewellFiesta.

No more compact hatchback

Ford also says, “Where one era ends, another begins!” Behind that last exclamation point are symbols of a lightning bolt and a plug. These indicate the electric “successor” to the Fiesta. So given the announced electric models, that will be a crossover, which, with the end of the Fiesta, permanently removes the compact hatchback from Ford’s lineup. In any case, we are going to miss him tremendously!