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Ford Fiesta replacement: AI makes three suggestions

February 15, 2024

The Ford Fiesta of the future

One thing is certain. Ford is coming up with an alternative. “Where one era ends, another begins!”, reports Ford. In an official factory video, the manufacturer even shows symbols of a lightning bolt and a plug. That suggests Ford is working on an electric successor to the Fiesta. Ford is coming out with a Puma Gen-E, an electric Puma, anyway. But it is not clear whether we should see that car as the successor to the Ford Fiesta.

B-segment remains important

Since the B-segment is so important in Europe, we can hardly believe that Ford is completely turning its back on this segment. Nor does the manufacturer, as the Ford Puma is a B-segment crossover. The question is whether there is still room under this model for a B-segment hatchback in the style of a Fiesta.

Artificial intelligence

Using AI, also known as artificial intelligence, we list three suggestions of three possible replacements for the Ford Fiesta. As far as we are concerned, it will have an electric powertrain, come as a five-door, look sporty and yet be practical enough. We list three options, a modern, retro and sporty successor.

A Ford Fiesta with electric powertrain – Modern style

Ford Fiesta EV - future

A Ford Fiesta with electric powertrain – Retro style

Ford Fiesta EV - future

A Ford Fiesta with electric powertrain – Sporty style

Ford Fiesta EV - future


The retro variant in particular captures the imagination. Other manufacturers have also gone down this path. Consider Renault coming out with a Renault 5 equipped with an electric powertrain. Volkswagen, on the other hand, put the iconic T1 in a modern outfit with battery-electric powertrain. The Volkswagen ID.Buzz was born. Could Ford be planning the same thing? The future will tell.