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For the living room: Brough Superior Dagger

November 25, 2022

The Dagger from small manufacturer Brough Superior in Toulouse, France, is certainly rideable, but this creation with lots of carbon, gold components and brushed aluminum is even more worth seeing. You can sit on a stool and stare at it for hours, discovering new details every minute.

Artwork by Brough Superior

Just look at the images. Then you will understand that on this Brough Superior Dagger hands of craftsmen have worked. With the best materials, meticulously finished and put together with an eye for consistency and historical awareness. Duration? Yes. Price already known? Not yet, but count on it going toward 70 grand. After all, the Brough Superior Lawrence on which the Dagger is based already has a price tag of 66,000 euros.

Lawrence of Arabia

You have to go back more than 100 years to understand and even more appreciate the special and exclusive nature of this Dagger. Lawrence of Arabia, a British army officer, rode a Brough Superior S.S.100 across the Sahara in 1917. An engine whose quality at the time was on par with Rolls Royce cars. It was also the first engine to break the 100-mile speed barrier. 160 mph was unimaginably fast in the 10s. The Brough Superior of the time owes its type designation S.S.100 to this.

Brough Superior SS100

Brough Superior legendary brand

Until World War II, Brough produced Superior motorcycles. After that, it was over for the brand. Too expensive! Because in the post-war reconstruction, there was a need for affordable two-wheelers. The brand was only brought back out of mothballs in 2018 by a pair of British and French designers who showed their first creation that year, and that was the S.S.100, modeled after the primal version. The Brough Superior Lawrence then appeared on the scene in 2020 as the first production model. At every show, it attracted mega interest from visitors because of its detailed appearance.

Dagger name derived from classical weapon

The new roadster’s name Dagger is taken from the Arabic weapon Lawrence of Arabia wore on his belt. He received this after winning the battle of Aqaba. The Dagger weapon was owned for many years by a private individual, who donated it to the National Army Museum in London in 2020. Exactly the year Brough Superior released the Lawrence.

Performance also spectacular?

The Motorcycle Dagger ostensibly has as much museum value as the weapon from which it takes its name. Is the performance as spectacular as the appearance? That is doubtful. The 997 cc V-twin (gosh, how beautiful is that block) produces 75 kW (102 hp) and only 87 Nm. A little six hundred of Japanese manufacture does the same. The weight of 200 kg is pretty low, though. Nevertheless, it will lose out in acceleration and top speed to 1,000cc roadsters from other brands, many of which cost less than a third.

Put in the house or drive?

So if you have the pennies to purchase a Brough Superior, you want to be able to enjoy it for a long time, right? Then at least give it a warm, dry place and preferably well within sight. And when the weather is nice, push the Dagger out of your living room for a ride to the patio or boulevard where you’ll give even more enthusiasts a visual treat.