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Fisker Ocean coming to the Netherlands next year

October 19, 2022

Dutch market introduction

The Fisker Ocean will come to the Dutch market in September 2023. The brand shares this with at the Paris Salon. Further details surrounding the Dutch market introduction of the Fisker Ocean are not yet known, but Fisker’s confirmation that we will eventually be able to order the Ocean is already news. Indeed, earlier it was not clear whether Fisker was going to bother offering the Ocean in the Netherlands at all.

Versions Fisker Ocean

With the Ocean, Fisker wants to attack SUVs in the segment of the BMW X3. The Ocean comes to market in three different versions: Ocean Extreme (in the gallery below), Ocean Ultra and Ocean Sport. The Ocean Extreme is the most expensive version. Fisker promises a range of 630 kilometers, all-wheel drive, a panoramic roof that opens, as well as built-in solar cells. The combination of the latter two is particularly special. Converted to range, the solar panels should give you about 2,400 kilometers annually. Still, nice in a time of high energy prices.

The Ocean Extreme also comes to market as an introductory version: the Ocean One. It is, except for a set of different wheels and a special composition for the interior, identical to the Ocean Extreme. One step down is the Ocean Ultra, which should get 610 kilometers far on one battery charge. The gap between the Ocean Ultra and the Ocean Sport is a lot wider, as the Sport has a range of 440 kilometers and only one electric motor. It remarkably drives only the front wheels.

Fisker Ocean

Fisker Ocean Prices

Dutch prices for the Ocean are not yet known. However, we can look at French prices to get a bit of an idea of how much the Ocean will cost in the Netherlands. The Ocean Sport hits the market in France starting at €41,900. The Ultra and Extreme are on the French price lists from €57,500 and €69,950, respectively. The One has the exact same price as the Extreme.

In particular, the starting price of €41,900 makes the Fisker Ocean interesting. If Fisker does indeed manage to market the car at that price, you’ll have an X3-sized electric SUV for just a little more – to take one example – than a fully loaded Peugeot e-2008. By comparison, a BMW iX3 is on the price list starting at €69,333, and then you still have to tick the options.

Dutch prices will follow ahead of the market launch in September 2023. We are already extremely curious to see if Fisker can become a success. The ingredients seem to be there for it….