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Fiat Panda becomes Fiat Pandina

March 1, 2024

Earlier this week, Fiat presented a series of concept cars that give an impression of the new Fiat Panda. Indeed, the Fiat Panda will become an entire model family, just as there are several 500 models. The production version will be unveiled in July. Until then, more Panda news. An all-new Panda may be on the way, but the outgoing model is also far from thinking about retirement. He does, however, change his name. Meet the Fiat Pandina.

Pandina: a name of the people

First, that name: Fiat Pandina. Where did that name come from? Olivier Francois, CEO of Fiat, explains: “The name Pandina is actually a nickname. Moreover, the name was not coined by our marketing department, but by the Italians themselves. In Italian, having a word end in -ino or -ina is an expression of affection. Italians have spontaneously called the Panda ‘Pandina’ for years.”

The Fiat Panda, in other words. From now on, this nickname will be the official type name for the third model generation. A new twist on a now iconic type name. Moreover, the new name also allows for more distinction with the upcoming all-new Panda, which will be one stroke larger than the current model.

Renewed dashboard for Fiat Pandina

There is more news than just the nameplate. For example, the dashboard of the Fiat Pandina has been modernized. The analog counters give way to a 7-inch digital instrument cluster with very clear displays, and in the center of the dashboard, a 7-inch touchscreen is now standard. The screen has been updated from the current (optional) 7-inch screen, including a higher resolution and clearer menu display. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are thus also standard features, and finally, the digital radio system has been replaced by a new version of it.

Extensive standard equipment for Fiat Pandina

Standard equipment also continues to be expanded, especially in the areas of safety and assistance. Think emergency stop assist, lane keeping assist, traffic sign recognition and fatigue recognition, as well as simpler things like automatic high beam, cruise control and parking sensors. This makes the Pandina completely up to date in that respect.

Timeless design

Introduced in 2011, the current Fiat Panda blows out thirteen candles this year. You wouldn’t say that at first glance. Especially as a Cross, the Panda still looks fresh, a fine example of timeless design. Therefore, the name change to Fiat Pandina involves only minimal external changes.

In addition to the digital screens, there is a new steering wheel. Furthermore, the visual dressing has been changed, including a partially white dashboard, seat covers with Pandina lettering, yellow accents and logos featuring a stylized panda (that is, the animal). Yellow is also a new body color, and from now on the Pandina can be ordered with contrasting black roof. So no shocking changes. After all, why change something that is still good? This is evidenced by the model’s popularity: production is actually being increased by 20% this year to meet demand.

Fiat Pandina far from retiring

As a Fiat Pandina, then, the model has a long career ahead of it. Previously, Fiat announced that the Pandina will continue to be delivered alongside the all-new model until 2026. The brand is now returning to that. In fact, the new plan is for the Pandina to remain in production at least through 2027. Preferably even longer, but that depends on the legislations that the model must meet by then.

The Fiat Pandina will be available starting this summer. Engine offerings remain unchanged for now, with the 1.0 Hybrid the only option. However, a choice remains between the “regular” Pandina (Urban) and the Cross with off-road trim.

What about the all-new Panda?

About the really new Fiat Panda, the brand does not want to say anything yet. The Fiat (Panda) City Car Concept does give a nice impression. Think away the futuristic concept car stuff and you’re left with a modern interpretation of the original Panda. The model shares its platform with the new Citroën C3, which gives a nice indication of its dimensions. The C3 is roughly four meters long, 1.8 meters wide and just under 1.6 meters high. By comparison, the Fiat Pandina is nearly 3.7 meters long, 1.7 meters wide and also just under 1.6 meters high. The technical platform accommodates fuel models as well as hybrid and all-electric drivetrains.