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Ferrari cancels Purosangue order Dutch egg farmer: he doesn’t deserve the car

November 3, 2022

Ferrari Purosangue

When it was announced that Ferrari was going to market an SUV, the egg dealer from Weert didn’t think twice. He contacted Ferrari dealer Munsterhuis Sports Cars in Hengelo, signed up and made a down payment of 20,000 euros to do so. A hefty sum, but a fraction of the price of a Ferrari Purosangue. The SUV is priced at 407,000 euros, rising to 650,000 euros.


Wulms was there early when he placed his order in 2020. Not until four years later would the car hit the market. The egg farmer was listed with the dealer and would receive the seventh Purosangue that Munsterhuis would receive from Italy. But in September, Wulms was told that Maranello did not see fit to do so. The brand had put a line through the order because, according to Ferrari, the Dutchman did not qualify for the new Ferrari.

VIP Customers

In fact, the Purosangue is a very popular but exclusive model. Not only are all the 2023 production slots already taken, but the entire production has already been sold on paper. The brand builds 3,000 units a year and is estimated to keep the model in production for about five years. Ferrari has therefore decided that loyal Ferrari fans will be given priority on the Purosangue waiting list. VIP customers are first, followed by TOP customers.

These VIP and TOP customers are people who already have one or more Ferrari models in their garage and often participate in trackdays and other Ferrari events organized by Ferrari. In short, customers who regularly transfer a lot of money to Ferrari. Wulms, according to the brand, does not belong to this group of Ferrari enthusiasts and thus may not buy a Purosangue.

And now?

The business owner disagreed with the course of events and put a lawyer on the case. According to his lawyer, Munsterhuis has now offered 80,000 euros if Wulms renounces the sale. Wulms declined the offer, demanding that he simply be allowed to buy his ordered Ferrari. According to Munsterhuis’ lawyer, Wulms did not buy the car but only entered into an option to purchase: “There was no agreement yet on price, color and version. Moreover, Wulms could still cancel the delivery if he did not like the model,” said attorney Mark Ripmeester. According to the lawyer, Ferrari decides who can and cannot buy a Ferrari. “Ferrari’s will is law.” The case is now before the judge, who will rule in two weeks.

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