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Featherweight Regina 600 from Horex

October 5, 2022

Horex’s story is special. Between 1956 and 2010, the brand lived a dormant existence. No engine was developed or produced. In 2010, a brand new entrepreneur took charge of Horex and, like a thunderclap, presented a fabulously beautiful machine with a 1,218 cc VR6 engine and 163 hp. Equipped with Öhlins dampers, Brembo brakes and forged aluminum rims. In Germany, you currently count at least 35,500 euros for it.

133 kg and 48 hp

220 kg weighs the Horex VR6 which is considerably more than the 133 kg of the now released 600 cc and 48 hp Horex Regina Evo. It is therefore suitable for riders with an A2 driver’s license. It is light by using a lot of carbon. The frame, for example, is made of it, which is quite unique. A price Horex is not yet communicating, as the latest creation has just been unveiled at Intermot 2022 in Cologne, which started on Oct. 4.

Classic Regina features

In form, the Regina Evo single-cylinder is reminiscent of the primal Regina from the 1950s. That was a successful engine with 250 or 400 cc block. It was in production between 1950 and 1956 and 83,000 of them were made. The gleaming aluminum and teardrop-shaped tank and single-seater saddle are obvious features that the new Regina Evo inherited from its classic predecessor. The same goes for triangular swingarms. Back then that was rigid and you had a suspension saddle, now there is a damper hidden in the frame in front of the swingarm. If you want to know more check the Horex website to follow further developments and be the first to know about a market launch.