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Everlast Customs unveils high-profile styling packages for Volvo EX30

December 29, 2023

Everlast Customs

Dutch company Everlast Customs has lifted the curtain on styling packages for the Volvo EX30. Under the names Sport and Outland, Everlast is introducing two unique packages, each addressing a specific audience. With these custom styling packages, Everlast gives owners the chance to make their electric SUV stand out in the crowd. Not an entirely unnecessary luxury, as there is a good chance that the Netherlands will become quite saturated with the competitively priced EX30 by 2024.


The Everlast Sport is designed for buyers who want to highlight the sporty side of the EX30. This variant flaunts exclusive 21-inch alloy wheels with a diamond-cut finish, available with four or eight spokes. The sports package also includes a colorful roof and bumpers, as well as bright orange accents on the front and rear spoilers and hubcaps.


For the adventurous off-road enthusiasts, there is the Everlast Outland. Thanks to tough 19-inch diamond-cut wheels in a unique four-spoke design, this version looks nice and rugged. The entire car is cloaked in matte black graphics, including the roof and hood, while subtle green details can be found on the body and hubcaps. The packages have the same price: 9,540 euros.