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Electric car? This is what you need to know about car insurance

March 30, 2023

Do you currently drive a fuel car, but want to trade it in for an electric car in the near future? Then don’t just look for suitable cars, but delve into the peripheral issues. As with fuel cars, electric cars require insurance before you can drive them on public roads. Since chances are you haven’t driven an electric car before, you may be left with questions about insurance. That’s why you can read everything you need to know about insuring an electric car here.

3 ways to insure an electric car

Because an electric car runs on electricity instead of fuel, you may think you insure such a car in a different way. Yet this is not the case, as most insurers allow you to insure an electric car in the same ways as a fuel car. Wondering what the possibilities are? Below, we list the standard coverages and tell you exactly what you’re covered for.

1. WA

WA stands for third-party liability. This is the minimum insurance you should take out for an electric car. This insurance actually covers damage you cause to others with your car. This includes not only damage to persons, but also damage to objects.

2. WA + Limited Casco

WA + Limited Casco goes a step further than third-party insurance. In addition to damage you cause to another person, certain damage to your electric vehicle is also insured if you choose this coverage. Thus, you are insured for damage caused by theft, burglary, joyriding, fire, storm and nature. Windscreen damage and damage caused by collision with stray animals is also covered.

3. WA + Full Casco

Want to get the most comprehensive car insurance for your electric car? Then you end up with WA + Fully comprehensive. In addition to all the things we already mentioned under the first two points, damage to your electric car caused by vandalism or collision is also covered. Because this is the most comprehensive way to insure an electric car, it is also known as all-risk car insurance.

All-risk car insurance preferred

Although you can insure an electric car in three ways, we recommend that you choose all-risk car insurance. In fact, most electric cars are less than six years old. Those who want to insure a car under six years old usually choose the WA + Full Casco coverage. This is because young cars still have a high daily value, making it wise to insure them as well as possible. After all, this way you are insured for almost everything. Does damage occur to your electric car? Then you don’t pay the cost yourself, because you file a claim with your insurer.

What does insurance cost for an electric car?

Before you purchase insurance for your electric car, we can imagine that you are curious to know what you will pay per month for this. If you opt for the most comprehensive type of auto insurance, you will spend quite a bit of money. This is mainly because electric cars often have a high daily value. For insurers, the value of a car is an important consideration in determining the premium.