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Electric car subsidy remains the same next year

October 6, 2023


Outgoing Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Water Management, Vivianne Heijnen, has decided not to reduce the subsidy for electric cars – known as the SEPP subsidy – next year as originally planned. Heijnen said she still wants to help with subsidies for people who want to buy electric cars, but that it will be up to a new administration to decide what will happen after 2025.


That means if you buy an electric car in 2023, you will be entitled to a subsidy of 2,950 euros, instead of 2,550 euros. The condition is still that the car does not cost more than 45,000 euros. Another 2,000 euro subsidy is available for used electric cars.

Price increase

The secretary of state fears people will be less interested in electric cars if the subsidy is reduced. There are also other costs, such as taxes and price increases, that make it more expensive to own an electric car. This may cause fewer electric cars to be sold.


Just a few years ago you got a 4,000 euro subsidy if you bought a new electric car. That subsidy has been phased out step by step, but now the phasing out stops for now. At the time, it was thought that electric cars would become cheaper in the future, reducing the need for subsidies to persuade people to buy one. For now, that is not the case.


The RAI Association appreciates the secretary of state’s choice. “However, this is a small step in the right direction; more action is urgently needed. Such as continuing subsidies, also from 2025, and tax incentives,” said Huub Dubbelman, chairman section passenger cars at the association.