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Dutch state becomes partial owner of grid operator Stedin

September 10, 2023

Millions of connections

Stedin is responsible for the transmission of electricity and gas to over 2 million households and industrial customers. So Stedin also makes it possible for you to charge your electric car at home. Network company Stedin is responsible for the network in most of South Holland and the provinces of Utrecht and Zeeland. This network includes about 2.3 million connections for both residential and business customers.

Energy transition requires future-proof grid

Stedin is investing heavily in the electricity grid to safeguard quality and ensure that there is sufficient capacity for sustainability and expansion in the future. The company put more than 700 million euros into its network in 2022, and at least another 8 billion euros of investment is expected through 2030. To continue investing in the coming years, Stedin and its shareholders have asked the state to fill a capital requirement of 500 million euros. The Cabinet intends to grant this request and made a reservation for this purpose in the 2023 Budget Memorandum last year.

Switching from fossil energy to renewable electricity

Minister Jetten for Climate and Energy: “It is crucial that the expansion of the electricity grid continues at a rapid pace. Much more space is needed for all the households and companies that want to produce their own electricity or switch from fossil energy to renewable electricity in the coming years. Grid operators, the government and companies are working with all their might to find solutions for the full power grid. I am pleased that the central government can now also assist financially.”

Finance Minister Kaag said, “We face a big task with the energy transition. Access to the energy network is essential and the energy network must be robust and future-proof. The government is pleased to contribute to safeguarding the public interest in energy supply with this capital injection.”


With the deposit of 500 million euros of capital, the State becomes an 11.9 percent shareholder in Stedin. This makes the regional network company a state-owned enterprise. The company’s share ownership is currently held by 42 municipalities in the service area where Stedin has been appointed as the regional grid operator. Public share ownership is one of the pillars to ensure the public interests of an efficient and well-functioning network company.