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Dutch company hires 7 (!) Tesla Model 3 hearse drivers

November 18, 2022

Electric is convenient

The Tesla Model 3 is, of course, fully electric. And that has a number of advantages, especially in the funeral industry. No smoke comes out of the exhaust in a Tesla Model 3 hearse, so people walking behind the car toward the funeral home do not inhale exhaust fumes. In addition, an electric car is super quiet; you don’t hear an engine running. And that is so respectful.

Modifications Tesla Model 3 hearse

Currently, seven Tesla Model 3s have already been converted into hearse cars. That happened in Spain. The bodywork of the sedans was cut in half and then everything had to be redone. The results are pleasing, as the cars look beautiful. The bottom plate also received some reinforcement to maintain rigidity. Of course, the Tesla’s are equipped with every convenience, from a convenient slide-in and slide-out system to a real starry sky. This allows a loved one to say goodbye in style and with dignity.

More special hearse models

Correct Monnereau, by the way, has more special hearse cars in its lineup. From an extended Fiat 500 to a Volkswagen T2 hearse. The company even has a Hotrod Hearse.

Tesla Model 3 hearse

Tesla Model 3 hearse