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Dutch car brand Burton comes into French hands

November 2, 2022

The acquisition of Burton had been in the air for a while, but an agreement has now been reached between the two parties. 2CV Mehari Club Cassis becomes owner, but brothers Dimitri and Iwan Göbel remain involved with the Zutphen-based brand. They are shareholders and are plunging into future creative and technical projects. 

“New joint projects are being launched, particularly in the field of electric mobility for classic cars.”

Burton Sportscar based on Citroën 2CV

Burton has become known for the so-called Burton Sportscar, the classic 2-seat “self-built” roadster on the chassis of the Citroën 2CV. More than 1,400 have been sold since its introduction in 2001. In addition to the Burton Sportscar the Zutphen-based company has been manufacturing quality parts for the Citroën 2CV since 2008. More than 4,000 items have now been added to the Burton 2CV Parts- assortment. The company operates internationally in more than 100 countries.

Being able to do your thing independently

The joining of forces by 2CV Mehari Club Cassis and Burton Car Company creates a strong organization with a unique assortment for the iconic 2CV and Mehari. Both organizations will remain independent within the newly formed alliance. The collaboration offers advantages in terms of economies of scale, innovativeness and technical expertise. This is going to lead to a better customer experience for both residential and business customers. New joint projects are also being launched, particularly in the field of electric mobility for classic cars. 

2CV Mehari Club Cassis

The history of 2CV Mehari Club Cassis began in 1982 with the restoration and personalization of the Citroën Mehari. In 1998, Citroën sold its original jigs and tooling to 2CV Mehari Club Cassis to continue manufacturing and supplying Mehari parts. The same thing happened again in the early 2000s, but for the famous 2CV.

The company has become a true authority within the enthusiast market and has kept the tradition of classic Citroëns alive for 40 years. There is a team working continuously to ensure a high level of quality components and the ultimate customer experience that comes with it.

In 2017, 2CV Mehari Club Cassis launched the all-electric Mehari “EDEN. The car is a unique example of sustainable mobility, but in the spirit of Citroën’s original product. Since 2021, 2CV Mehari Club Cassis has also been the first French company to be able to homologate an electric conversion kit for 2CVs: ‘R-FIT’.

Burton Car Company

Burton Car Company saw the light of day in 1993. Brothers Iwan and Dimitri Göbel combined their passion for design and engineering in building cars. Their love for the Citroën 2CV began to grow during their college days. Dimitri studied at art school and Iwan at HEAO.

In those early years, hundreds of Lomaxes and 2CV pickups were sold. In March 1999, the brothers opened one of the largest 2CV stores in the Netherlands. By 2001, the company had already become one of the best and most successful 2CV stores in the world. The absolute highlight of those years was the introduction of the Burton Sportscar. That one was a huge success right from its introduction.

The company created the Burton 2CV Parts brand in 2008, an assortment of various products for the Citroën 2CV and derivatives. The overhaul workshop also ensures that all technical parts for classic Citroëns are guaranteed for now and in the future. Today, Burton Car Company is managed by a team of 40 employees.