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Driving test – BMW M240i (2022)

August 5, 2022

50 years of BMW M

It’s fine year for BMW M fans. BMW’s motorsports division is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and it’s not going to let that go unnoticed. The brand is introducing a lot of spectacular models in the near future, such as the first M3 Touring and the XM. In October, the Germans will draw the curtain on the new M2. That one hits the road in April and will be the last M model to move forward without any electric assistance. All succeeding M models will have a hybrid powertrain.

BMW M240i

The M240i is the M Performance variant of the 2 Series Coupe. It is the model for traditional BMW enthusiasts. It’s not too bonkers, and you can’t whine about the size of the grille either. The pointed headlights are also a nod to the BMW 2002. So with the M240i, BMW is looking back a bit, rather than far ahead.


You could say that the M240i is the just-not M2, but that’s not right. With 374 hp and 500 Nm of torque, it is more powerful than the first M2, which dates from 2015. As befits an M Peformance model, almost all the power goes to the rear wheels. Even in the xDrive version we’re driving – which is all-wheel drive – the car sends the forces mainly to the rear wheels. Shifting is always via a lightning-fast 8-speed automatic from ZF. Self-shifting is not included. The powertrain of the M240i is a familiar one and is also found in the BMW M440i we recently tested .

Classic recipe

The M240i – which can also be bought as a pure rear-wheel drive – sits on a rear-wheel drive platform, which we know from the 3- and 4-Series. This is where things get a little confusing, as the BMW 2 Gran Coupe and 2 Active Tourer are on a different platform and have front-wheel drive. The M240i, fortunately, does not.

Small 4 Series

Thus, the M240i and M440i share not only the same powertrain, but also the platform. BWM did shorten the base plate considerably for the fast 2 Series Coupe. The wheelbase is 11 centimeters shorter than that of the M440i and the body is 23 centimeters shorter. At 4.54 meters long, however, the M240i is no small bumpkin, which is partly due to its imposing elongated hood. Along with its small butt, the whole thing looks nice and sporty. Just the way you want it. The hefty flared wheel arches also help and how about that hefty ‘powerdome’ on the hood!? Despite its “small” kidneys, the nasal part screams “get out of the way!”

Solid boy

The M240i’s weight is quite hefty. It weighs 1,765 pounds clean on the hook. Surely that is quite a lot for a sporty car of this size. It weighs only 135 kg less than an M440i. Fortunately, thanks to the xDrive system, you don’t notice much of that. It pops to 100 mph in 4.3 seconds. The rear-wheel drive BMW M240i does so in 4.7 seconds. Like almost every German performance car, the top speed is limited to 250 km/h.

Throttle elevator doesn’t feel necessary in the corners, the BMW bombshell is like a block on the road. On command, you can make the rear break out, but the front won’t be provoked to fickle behavior. Understeer is clearly not in the M240i’s dictionary.


Still, the M240i is not an M2 competitor. The chassis can safely be called sturdy, but it is not rock hard. On the track you can undoubtedly have a wonderful afternoon with it, but those who are very competitive will rather go for an M2. The M240i actually scores points on public roads, where an M2 is just too hardcore for some people. The M240i is a wonderful daily driver, a true GT.

Set the adaptive M suspension to ‘Comfort’ and you’ll drive to Munich in one stroke without the risk of back pain. On the road, driver assistance systems such as Lane Keeping Assist and Adaptive Cruise Controls take the tedious tasks out of your hands. With an average consumption of 1 in 12.50, the fuel consumption is not disappointing. But fair is fair, for that you shouldn’t kick it on its tail too often. Then he gets thirsty.

How practical is he?

With a case capacity of 390 liters, it easily fits a set of golf clubs or one or two suitcases. Try that in a 911. In the second row of seats, the car is less practical. Adults who are taller than 1.75 meters and love their legs are better off sitting in the front. Logically, it’s a two-door coupe. However, children can sit there just fine. Try that in a…


In the interior, the Two Coupe is also very reminiscent of a 3 and 4 Series. On the dashboard, we encounter the same 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster and 12.3-inch infotainment system. The system is conveniently controlled via the iDrive console, which fortunately is still present. The beautifully finished M-sport seats – worth 1,058 euros – keep you snugly in your seat and positioned nice and low in the car.

The only element with which the interior manages to stand out from the M440i’s workplace is the door panels, which feature a special design in the M colors, which light up in the dark. As soon as you open the door, this special light flashes in red so that approaching traffic can see you clearly.

BMW M240i price

Driving a BMW 2 Series Coupe is possible from 45 grand. You then get to take home the 218i with 156 hp. A more powerful 220i is available from 48,124 euros. For 52,713 euros, BWM has the 345 hp 230i in the price list. The sportiest 2 Series Coupe is – until the M2 appears – the M240i. For this, the Germans are asking for a minimum of 77,504 euros. Of course, you’re not there yet. At least, not if you choose some options. The test car we drove is thick with goodies, bringing the price tag to 96,177 euros.

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