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Dream internship: do an internship at and!

March 21, 2024

Popular online platforms and are popular online platforms for car and motorcycle enthusiasts, as well as those seeking interesting and helpful information about a new car or motorcycle. You will also find the latest news, reviews, interviews, background stories, fun articles and more on our websites. Every month our websites are visited by over 825,000 people. So a great stage to be able to put on your resume.

Getting coffee? Well no!

We are looking for an enthusiastic intern who will be primarily involved in content production for and Cliché: the intern(s) get coffee for everyone. Don’t worry, that’s not going to happen with us. You climb straight into the pen and are multimedia. In addition, you will come into contact with the latest cars and motorcycles.


You will intern at BuroN11, specializing in Content, PR & Marketing for over 30 years., and are part of BuroN11. We are located at Goudseweg 181 in Bodegraven.

In addition to our customers in the automotive industry, we serve a large number of customers in various industries.


The internship can start immediately, for five days a week. Preferably, you will serve a six-month internship. Variations in period or number of days are negotiable.

Your duties will include:

We are looking for someone:

What we offer:


Getting excited? If so, we would love to get in touch with you! Send your application with CV to