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Do I opt for a financial lease or an operational lease?

February 2, 2022

Buying a Mercedes or Audi without a big investment
If you opt for a Mercedes financial lease , for example, you buy a relatively expensive car without having to make a large investment in advance. You can compare the financial lease of an expensive car with buying a new smartphone on installment. When you enter into a contract, you take out a loan, which you pay off monthly. You can choose to pay part of the costs directly in advance. For example, the monthly costs for the financial lease of a car or motorcycle are lower. Conversely, you can also opt for a higher final term if you expect a financial windfall in the coming period.

Differences with operational lease
With an operational lease, you basically never become the owner of the vehicle. You pay a fixed monthly amount to use the vehicle. The advantage of an operational lease lies in the fact that you do not pay any costs for the maintenance of the car or motorcycle. These costs are included in your contract. You also pay nothing for insurance and road tax. At least, you pay these costs via the contract you conclude. It means that you know exactly where you stand every month.

Financial leasing is becoming increasingly popular
If you compare the advantages of an operational lease with those of a financial lease, you will quickly notice that the advantages of an operational lease are no longer available with a new car. In the sense that a new car will involve few maintenance costs in the first few years. The costs for insurance and road tax are often slightly cheaper if you pay them through a lease contract. After all, a provider of operational lease can buy the insurance in bulk and therefore offers you as a customer a lower rate. However, this difference is limited. It makes financial lease an increasingly attractive option for consumers.