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Defender Octa can pass through 1 meter deep water

July 6, 2024

Nobility required. Land Rover has prided itself on building “the best 4×4 by far” for decades. As soon as another brand started sawing at the chair legs of one of the models, the engineers would virtually storm into the development center to stay ahead of the competition.

4×4 all-rounder

The archetypal Land Rover Defender had a reputation as a 4×4 all-rounder. The Defender, now christened its own brand, now continues that reputation with a highly distinctive model in which the iconic angular shapes of that pioneer can certainly be recognized. In doing so, the technology and safety meet current standards.

To lonely heights

Once again, Defender has thus climbed to lonely heights when it comes to performance on the dirt. Four-wheel drive, suspension and suspension, while geared more toward comfort, are also strong and capable enough to plow through the toughest mud and drive on roads with potholes and large boulders. Or through deep water with no problem.

Defender Octa in everything more

The Defender Octa puts the dot on the horizon for 4×4 off-roaders even further. Because it can drive through 1 meter deep water, for example. It stands 28 mm higher on its wheels than the other Defender’s and has a 68 mm wider track. The Octa has the largest wheels ever under a Defender. They measure 22-inches.

Most powerful Defender ever

We continue with the superlatives for a moment. The twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 makes the Octa the most powerful Defender ever: 457 kW (635 hp) and 750 Nm of torque as early as 1,800 rpm. In Launch Mode, the engine delivers as much as 800 Nm. Full throttle, it sprints from 0-100 km/h in 4 seconds. Top speed is tuned to 250 km/h.

6D Dynamics undercarriage

The Defender OCTA’s dynamic capabilities also extend extremely far. This is due in part to the new hydraulically controlled 6D Dynamics suspension technology – a first on a Defender. Hydraulically coupled, continuously variable, semi-active shock absorbers virtually eliminate body roll and dive movements. On rough terrain, 6D Dynamics allows for greater vertical wheel movements and can overcome even more extreme obstacles.

Powerful braking system

The Defender Octa is also equipped with an extremely powerful braking system featuring 400 mm brake discs with Brembo calipers on the front axle. Furthermore, it offers the fastest steering ratio of any Defender to date, for direct and precise steering responses.

Offroad Launch Control

In Octa Mode, the drivetrain and suspension are on edge for off-road use. This mode even offers an Offroad Launch Control feature for the fastest possible acceleration on loose surfaces. Combined with the traction control settings, TracDSC or DSC off, OCTA Mode also activates a unique Offroad ABS calibration for optimal braking performance on loose surfaces.

Virtual viewing through hood

For more technical off-road maneuvers, Defender’s familiar Terrain Response modes remain at your fingertips, with specific calibrations for Sand, Mud and Ruts, Grass/Grind/Snow and Rocks/Crawl. In doing so, the driver can also count on support from off-road driving aids, such as ClearSight Ground View’s “see-through” hood, which allows a virtual view of front wheels and surface  with display on the touchscreen.

Design Features Defender Octa

Of course, the eye wants something too. So Defender gave the Octa the design features necessary to bring its superior character across the footlights. Roof and tailgate are finished in Narvik Black. Some details are finished with carbon fiber, for example on the frames of the side vents in the front fenders and the louvers in the hood.

Special seat upholstery

The chair upholstery is made of strong polyurethane Ultrafabrics. The fabric is also easy to clean. You can additionally choose upholstery from a combination of leather and the specific Kvadrat wool blend made from recycled resources. The seats themselves are designed for additional lateral support. The headrests are integrated.

Audio that can also be felt

The audio system is equally unique. Developed in collaboration with music experts SUBPAC and Coventry University, the Body and Soul Seat audio technology allows driver and front passenger to not only hear the music, but also feel it. Six wellness programs are additionally available to help occupants relax or boost cognitive response while driving, depending on their preference.