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Deadly ill Lando Norris experienced ‘the toughest race ever’ in Barcelona

May 23, 2022

Lando Norris sick

Lando Norris had been rough all weekend. The Briton qualified eleventh on Saturday. He didn’t even mind that. Norris had other things on his mind, he admitted after qualifying:

“I’m not feeling well all weekend. It’s not COVID, but my throat, my eyes and I have bad eyesight. That doesn’t help. I don’t sleep well and I probably haven’t had this low energy in a long time.”

race day

Sunday was not much better for the Briton. He didn’t give interviews and TV viewers even saw him throw up just before the race. It was rumored that he would suffer from hay fever. After the race it became clear what exactly was going on with 22-year-old Norris. “I suffer from tonsillitis and that combined with the heat made this one of the toughest races I’ve ever driven. It was very tough today.”

Team doctor

Team principal Andreas Seidl was impressed by Norris’ performance after the race. The ailing Briton was able to make up three places during the race, finishing four places above his teammate Daniel Ricciardo. “He was pretty exhausted after the race and that was logical given his physical condition,” said Seidl. The McLaren team doctor kept a close eye on Norris all weekend, according to Seidl. “His will to race is commendable, but at the same time it is important that the doctor keeps a close eye on him and intervenes if necessary. His health comes first.”

Norris will have to stay in bed for the next four days so hopefully he will be fit again by the end of the week. Then the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix is on the agenda.

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