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Damage to an electric car

February 2, 2022

driving damage

There are different degrees of the term ‘damage’. The most minor damages are scratches and paint damage. This is therefore the most common form of damage, because a scratch is easily made in the paint of a car, whether or not by someone else. But factors such as the weather in the form of a hailstorm can also cause damage to a car. Fortunately, these are often relatively small damages and easy to solve for a damage repairer.

One step higher on the ‘damage ladder’ we find the well-known dents. Dents in the bumpers and doors are common. Sometimes by others, sometimes by not being careful when opening the door, for example. Thanks to modern techniques, a large part of the dents can be easily repaired. The worst form of damage is when the car has been in an accident. This usually involves different ways that must be used to get the car back to its original condition. Often it is a combination of damage repair and the use of replacement parts.

Damage to electric cars

Despite the variety of systems that must ensure that no damage is caused, it does happen that damage is caused with an electric car. Very sour, especially when you find out that the prices of a repair for an electric car are often slightly higher than for simpler petrol or diesel cars.


The reason that the costs for an electric car are higher has mainly to do with the complexity of the technology that electric cars have. Think, for example, of the cameras and radars that need to be repaired or replaced. But also behind the technology of the door handles or the connection for the charging cable are complicated and expensive techniques. After repair of the damage, the systems must also be adjusted correctly again to guarantee their functioning. All this results in a bill that may be higher than expected compared to a car that does not have such techniques.


Do not wait too long to have an electrically damaged car repaired. This prevents underlying defects from making the damage worse. As you have read before, electric cars have a lot of complex systems, add that some parts are live and repairing them can become a dangerous job. That is why it is not wise to tinker with an electric car yourself, but leave repairs to a company that specializes in damage repair. This way you can get back on the road with a safe feeling.