Dacia sells its eight millionth car

October 4, 2023


Dacia was founded in 1966 under the name UAP, which stands for “Uzina de Autoturisme Pitesti,” or the car factory of Pitesti, the city where Dacia’s headquarters are still located. The brand name Dacia first appeared in 1980 and refers to “Dacii”: the Roman name for the region of Romania.

New logo

Following the acquisition of Dacia by Renault Group in 1999, the Dacia logo has been renewed several times, including in 2021 with the introduction of the current logo, the Dacia Link, designed to symbolize the trust between Dacia and consumers. The stylized D and C touch in the middle, and below them is the brand name in a font that illustrates Dacia’s character: robust and basic.

Dacia sells cars in 44 countries

The Dacia Logan introduced in 2004 was originally intended only for Romania and other Eastern European countries. The model quickly became a success with strong sales results, after which Dacia decided to export the Logan to other countries as well. Since then, Dacia has operated in 44 countries in Europe and around the Mediterranean Sea. Although home country Romania is in the top five, Dacia sells the most cars in France and Italy.

The numbers

Dacia’s model lineup currently includes an all-electric city car (Dacia Spring since 2020), a five-door hatchback (Sandero) and an adventure variant (Sandero Stepway, both since 2008), a rugged SUV (Duster since 2010) and the seven-seat Jogger (since late 2021). In Eastern Europe, the Dacia Logan (four-door sedan) is also still offered. All production figures in a row:


Today, Dacia produces cars in three plants. In 1968, it opened its first factory in Mioveni, Romania. There, Dacia builds bodies and chassis, among other things, and has a foundry and logistics platform. Among the models rolling off the assembly line at the plant are the Logan, Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Duster and Jogger.

The Dacia plant in Casablanca, Morocco, has been owned by Renault Group since March 2019. This production site has been in operation since 1959, where the Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway are built today. The Dacia plant in Tangier, Morocco, has been in operation since 2012. This facility assembles bodies and chassis, among other things, and serves as a logistics platform. The plant produces the Logan, Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Lodgy.

Dacia’s customers

Some details of Dacia’s customer base:

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