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Court of Appeal: from now on hefty fine for leaving an electric car at the charging station for too long

April 12, 2022

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More and more Dutch people are switching to electric vehicles. The demand for public charging stations is also growing. Charging your car while you do your shopping or when you sit on the terrace is just as efficient. However, it is not the intention that you keep a charging location occupied for an unnecessarily long time. It is a charging point, not a parking space. Other people also like to load there.  


Electric drivers who leave their car while it is charged can now be fined. This follows from a decision made by the Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal. The court heard a case of a man who was fined in Noorwijk because his electric MG hung fully charged at a charging station for two hours.

A municipal inspector issued the fine after he saw that the light on the charging station was green, which meant that the battery was full. The inspector did not immediately write out a print. But after the car was still there two hours later, enough was enough and the coupon book appeared.


The MG driver thought this was unfair and objected to the fine. The subdistrict judge rejected his objection, but the owner persisted and sought it higher, at the court of appeal in Arnhem . The man was also not right, so that he still had to pay the fine of 95 euros and the legal costs. According to the court, EVs now clearly indicate how long it takes before the battery is charged. The owner should therefore have simply moved his car.

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