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Converting from a moped to a moped, is it possible?

October 6, 2022

Convert moped to moped, remember the conversion inspection!

Converting a moped to a moped requires a conversion inspection. The RDW advises people who plan to do so to wait until 2023 for this conversion inspection.

RDW: “Converting from a moped to a moped is not compulsory. Even after the introduction of the helmet requirement, a moped can still be used as a means of transport. You only have to wear a helmet then.”

Difference between moped and moped

Again, what is the difference between a moped and a moped. Quite simply, a moped is a moped with a maximum speed of 25 mph. A moped is allowed 45 km/h. Converting a moped from a mustache to a moped will be faster at the RDW registration office from 2023, the authority promises.

RDW registrar offers solution

RDW: “We advise to wait, because from January 1, 2023 you can go to an RDW approval holder – in most cases – for this conversion inspection. You can probably get to these approved companies much faster than at an RDW inspection station. Also, an accreditor is more likely to be in your area. There are currently no companies authorized to do these inspections. As soon as these businesses are known, they can be found at
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Only mopeds with European type approval

Approval holders may only do such a conversion inspection for mopeds with a certain European type approval. Via the
RDW license plate check
from mid-October 2022, it will be possible to see whether a moped bike has the correct European type approval to go to an approval holder.

To do this, the owner just needs to enter the license plate number and go to the tab “Speed change of moped by approval holder possible?”. It then simply says yes or no. Also, the moped must not have a so-called “impeding status,” such as banned or stolen. This is also insightful through the RDW license plate check.

My moped has no European type approval, now what?

If your moped does not have the correct European type approval or there is an impeding status, you make an appointment at an RDW inspection station for the conversion inspection. You can do this even now.

hefty fine

But most importantly:
consider that helmet from Jan. 1, 2023
! Because anyone not wearing a helmet as of that date risks a 100 euro fine.