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Communication system manufacturers want industry standard

March 23, 2022

Universal Communication Solution

Several manufacturers will work together under the name Universal Communication Solution (UCS). Affiliates currently include Cardo Systems, Midland, Uclear and Sygn House. Together they help the industry form regulated guidelines. Among other things, the proposal argues for standardization of the dimensions of the communication set loudspeakers, with the same plugs and software for everyone. You can compare it with what EU has done for the USB-C connectors on smartphones. From 2024, every new smartphone must have a USB-C port and every smartphone manufacturer must adhere to this.

More than just communication sets

The proponents also hope that the criteria will ensure helmet manufacturers make the inner liners suitable for all loudspeakers. If the loudspeaker does not fit, the consumer makes improvised recesses in the helmet, so that the speakers do fit. An undesirable situation, as the safety of the helmet is endangered.

Preventing ‘one brand only’

It often happens that a helmet manufacturer takes into account only one communication set from one brand in its design. With that kind of partnership, both parties benefit from each other’s sales. A practical example is the collaboration between Shoei and Sena, where helmets from Shoei helmets are prepared for a Sena communication set, where the unit is then neatly recessed into the helmet and the speakers fit perfectly. If you want a different system, you’re out of luck. Or you have to be content with the different looks and functionalities.

Similar software

The UCS is also committed to software standards. Because of all the different types of software, it is almost impossible to link systems from other brands. If you’ve ever wanted to connect between Cardo and Sena systems, you know the problem. The UCS tries to avoid this hassle with the same software. Not only does it provide easier installation for consumers, but it also helps reduce research and development time for communications system manufacturers.

Source: RideApart