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Christmas tree crash test: why you should properly attach a Christmas tree to a car

December 8, 2022

Transporting Christmas tree

Transporting a Christmas tree in your car proves to be a challenge for many Dutch people every year. A car is sometimes too small and you don’t want the whole interior to be covered in needles. Those get nicely stuck in the lining and you don’t want that. In addition, a tree is often sticky because of the resin, and a tree with a root ball creates a lot of junk in the car altogether. Therefore, a good option is to tie the tree to the roof.

Christmas tree on car is legal

It is completely legal to drive with a Christmas tree on the roof, as long as it is properly secured. You must use multiple lashing straps and if the tree extends more than one meter, it must have a flag on the end. If the tree is not properly attached, you risk a fine of 140 euros.


A hefty fine is completely justified in that case, because you are driving with a potential projectile on your roof. Especially when the trunk is facing forward, you are transporting a kind of torpedo. If you collide with a car in front, the tree flies in like a rocket at the car in front of you. To demonstrate just how dangerous that can be, the ADAC – the German sister club of the ANWB – conducted a crash test a while back with a car that had a poorly attached Christmas tree on the roof. In the video below, you can see how that turns out.