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Caught: the new generation BMW M5

April 27, 2023

New BMW M5 Sedan

Four fist-thick exhausts, perforated brake discs with blue calipers, flared wheel arches, this can be about only one version of the new BMW 5 Series: the BWM M5. Notable is the “Electrificed Vehicle” designation on the flanks and butt of the sports sedan. On the left side of the vehicle, we also detect a tailgate. So the new BMW M5 Sedan is expected to get a powerful plug-in hybrid powertrain. Count on 700 hp or more. Technical specifications are not yet known. The current BMW M5 Competition kicks it up to 625 horsepower with its blown V8 engine.

Flexible platform architecture

Due to its flexible platform architecture, the new BMW 5 Series Sedan is available with a wide range of powertrains. Thus, there is a choice of all-electric, plug-in hybrid, and gasoline and diesel engines with 48V mild hybrid technology. So there is something for everyone.

BMW i5 Sedan

Global introduction of the BMW i5 Sedan will take place in October 2023. An all-electric BMW M Performance model of the 5 Series Sedan will also appear. And then we have more news: the BMW i5 Touring will debut in spring 2024 as the first all-electric model in the station wagon segment. In short: there’s a lot in the pipeline at BMW.