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Carbon wheels for your Hyundai N? Which can!

July 28, 2023

Carbon hybrid wheel technology

Dymag specializes in making lightweight wheels for the automotive industry. Hankuk Carbon is a composite materials specialist. Both parties are working with Hyundai. Small note: this is so-called “carbon hybrid wheel technology,” meaning that not the entire wheel is made of carbon fiber, but only the shell. The core is constructed of extra lightweight alloy. The carbon wheels are available is N Performance products.


A prototype of the N Performance carbon hybrid rim was on display at the Hyundai booth during the Goodwood Festival of Speed where the new IONIQ 5 N was also presented. Detailed specifications of the wheel will be released soon.

Composite outer rim, made of carbon fiber

The rim consists of a composite outer rim made of carbon fiber. Dymag combines that outer section with a precision machined, forged metal center section. As a result, weight savings over a traditional cast aluminum wheel occur of between 40% and 50%. In addition to significantly reduced unsprung mass, carbon hybrid wheel technology also reduces rolling inertia and offers improved stiffness and strength.

Design flexibility

That the wheel is not made entirely of carbon fiber was a conscious decision by both Dymag and Hyundai. A center piece made of forged aluminum or magnesium offers more design flexibility than a solid carbon fiber wheel and can be replaced without expensive tooling costs.

Different formats

Dymag is also at an advanced stage with several car manufacturers for supplying carbon wheels. The company will announce more about that soon. At least Dymag supplies carbon hybrid rims in sizes from 18- to 23-inches. The company is also working on 24- and even 25-inch copies. Ultimately, the manufacturer Dymag partners with determines the desired format. Those on the Hyundai IONIQ 5 N are 21-inches in size.