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March 15, 2022

What are the strengths of this 7-seater?

Like many other Volkswagens, the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace has been given the new family face, with connecting grille and headlights. Has anything else changed?

The updated Tiguan is not immediately an attention grabber, but it is a star with practical options and space. In short, this is the Volkswagen you must have if you often go out with the family. This extra-long Allspace variant with seven seats is the best companion. What are its strengths?

1. Tiguan with sleek design

All Volkswagens have to believe in it: the beauty studio. From the Polo to now the Tiguan. Many other models have already been cut and shaved for a sleeker, more modern look. You can see that especially in the grille with thicker chrome frames, a large VW logo and LED headlight units that stylistically connect to the grille. Large surfaces and sharp lines define the appearance of the body. This is sleek design.

2. Interior with new VW interface

The dashboard of the Volkswagen Tiguan is similar in shape and layout to that of other updated Volkswagens. You are looking at a fully digital set of instruments, the layout and information of which you can adjust to your liking with the push of a handlebar switch. A central display acts as an intermediary for operating numerous functions and options. With underneath touch switches for the operation of the climate control and seat heating. You see that with all new Volkswagens. It takes some getting used to in the beginning, but due to the uniformity you will eventually find your way quickly in this digital control.

3. Flexible Layout

Wow, the Tiguan Allspace is really spacious. Behind the regular rear seats is another row of seats with two folding seats. Please note: these are mainly seats for children. It is too tight for large adults. With the seats folded down, there is a lot of space for luggage. Handy: the holder with the roll-out luggage cover can be stowed away under the height-adjustable floor. Also handy: with a lever in the back you can remotely fold the backs of the second row of seats.

Sitting in the Volkswagen Tiguan

Let’s continue with the interior. The second row of seats can not only be folded down in two parts, but the seats can also be moved forwards and backwards separately. So far that the seat rests against the back of the front seat. A bit crazy, but still practical because this way you can reach the rear row of seats much easier. The backrests of the second row of seats are also adjustable. Backrests and seats are remarkably long on all seats, which is comfortable and pleasant.

5. Drive and Performance

Volkswagen supplies the Tiguan Allspace but with an engine variant: 1.5 TSI of 110 kW (150 hp) with six-speed manual or 7-speed automatic transmission. The latter at an additional cost of 2,500 euros. We can be brief about the performance: sufficient. You control the consumption yourself. If you take it easy, 1 in 15 is feasible. For short journeys and frequent acceleration you have to count on 1 in 12. Keep in mind that the Tiguan Allspace is a large car and also high. Seen against that light, consumption is reasonable to favorable. The motor is silent at constant speed. When accelerating you will hear an inlet trowel. The automatic transmission shifts quickly and smoothly. Logical because it is the DSG gearbox from Volkswagen with double clutch.

Conclusion and prices

The Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace that you see here is by no means standard. It is one of the richest versions: R-Line Business+. Then the equipment is expanded with, among other things, the complete multimedia package with navigation, the LED matrix headlights instead of ‘normal’ LED, ergonomic seats and Keyless Access. The key can remain in your pocket when unlocking and starting the car. But actually, the Tiguan Allspace is already very well equipped as standard. Standard features include automatic climate control, digital instrumentation, electrically opening tailgate and front and rear parking sensors, plus an arsenal of driver assistance and safety systems.

The Volkswagen Tiguan is available as Life with manual transmission from 42,290. With the automatic transmission you come to 44,790 euros. So you expect more than fifty grand for the R-Line Business+? Not, because this version is in the price list for 48,590 euros. So, all things considered, you have the thickest version of the Tiguan for an additional cost of 6,300 euros, which is a modest additional cost by today’s standards. You then have a lot of Volkswagen in all respects: in space, possibilities and equipment. You can’t argue with taste, but we actually think it’s a tough car because of its size and sturdy grille, plus the large 19-inch wheels.