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Car insurance? Here’s what to look out for

November 18, 2023

Anyone who wants to drive their own car in the Netherlands needs car insurance. That way, you are covered for damages you cause to third parties. Whether you are also covered in the event your own car is damaged and/or the occupants suffer personal injury depends on the insurance policy you have purchased. In fact, there are several packages available. Basically, you need to have third-party insurance anyway, which stands for Legal Liability. If you prefer broader coverage, there is a choice of WA+ and the All-risk car insurance.

Here’s the big advantage of All-risk car insurance

With All-risk car insurance, you enjoy the most comprehensive package. Whether this is also the best choice in your case depends mainly on what exactly you want. In addition, the age of your car plays a big role. For all packages, compensation for damage to others and other people’s property is part of the chosen package. With both WA+ and All Risk, theft, fire and windshield damage are also included. The same is true when you get a wild animal in front of your bumper, which can seriously damage your car. What makes All-risk insurance unique is that the insurer even pays the cost of unilateral damage. Consider hitting a pole when reversing.

The importance of the age of your car

All-risk auto insurance is the most expensive package, but thus offers the broadest coverage. If your car is still new to fairly new (under 6 years old), this is the best choice. However, that does not mean the All Risk is not recommended for older cars. If you have a bolide 10 years old or older, even then you can just get All-risk car insurance. The only question then is whether any damage costs outweigh the car’s current value. If the car you own is 6 to 9 years old, Univé recommends the WA+. For all cars 9 years and older, basic third-party insurance is the best and cheapest option. Note that if your car is 5 years old or younger and/or has a value over €85,000 it is mandatory to have a CCV/CSM alarm system installed in the car. This is a prerequisite if you want to receive money back in case of theft, for example.

Easily calculate your monthly costs

In addition to the three types of packages, supplemental policies can also be purchased. Consider occupant insurance. In fact, contrary to what many people think, occupants are not automatically co-insured regardless of which package you have chosen. If you want to be able to transport both yourself and your passengers as safely as possible, then it is advisable to choose Occupant Insurance as well. Univé also offers a choice of many other packages, such as Traffic Legal Assistance, Univé Breakdown Assistance and New Value Coverage. If you want to find out quickly what All-risk car insurance will cost you in monthly premiums and any additional packages, use the handy tool on the website. With this you will get your question answered in just a few minutes and the desired car insurance can be purchased immediately.