Car for tall people

July 20, 2022

Car for tall people

Especially for tall people (from +1.95 meters), finding a car in which they can find a natural, pleasant and safe seating position – behind the wheel – is no easy task. Because of their height, people are quick to avoid compact cars in advance and look in the direction of larger, more luxurious cars. But this is unjustified. Smaller cars can also be fine for (tree) tall drivers, while large cars may not be ideal because of some accessories.

Panoramic roof

For example, tall drivers are better off avoiding most cars equipped with a panoramic or sliding/tilting roof. Because of its construction, a glass roof swallows up only a few centimeters of the actual headroom. Electrically operated seats are also an accessory better avoided, as their controls are mostly mounted under the seat, so an electrically operated seat is naturally positioned higher than one that can be manually adjusted to your liking. In a car equipped with a panoramic roof and electric seats, you’re talking about a handful of centimeters less seating and living space. So for a long driver not ideal.

Adjustable steering wheel

Features that you, as a tall driver, would actually like to see are a steering wheel that is far adjustable in height and depth and a (driver’s) seat that is extensively adjustable in all directions (height, length, tilt). Extra nice touches, especially for people with relatively long legs, are a seat with an extendable section and an adjustable lumbar support. Sport seats are often endowed with these perks as standard, making them a good option.

Suv or hatchback?

Since one tall person is not another, there is little point in mentioning by name specific makes and models ideally suited to tall drivers. After all, what fits for one person need not fit for another. It is true, however – contrary to what you might expect – that coupe models and (hot) hatchbacks are often more spacious than crossovers and SUVs. A top class limousine (read: S-Class level) is generally a good choice, but relatively affordable “space wonders” such as the Skoda Superb and Opel Insignia are also suitable for tall drivers. Despite all these tips, the very best advice we can give is: go test-sitting or -riding yourself first.