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Car enthusiast and want to take a gamble? These are the five most popular car-themed gambling games

March 13, 2023

As a car enthusiast, you’ve probably played racing games. These offer the excitement of a race, combined with fun cars. It may also be that you have mostly played those games in the past and are now bored of them. Looking for car games with a little more excitement? Then consider car-themed gambling games. You still have those fun cars, but with added excitement because there is real prize money at stake. We listed the most popular games once.

1. Cash Truck – Quickspin

This game takes place in the desert, in a post-apocalyptic world. Money is scarce there, but there is a great opportunity. Indeed, through the desert, a money transport is driving. A corridor approaches the CIT heavily armed and tries to force it to stop before it reaches its destination. Join them! With five reels with four to seven slots, you also try to get some of the loot. With a little luck, you’ll unlock the bonus game and your loot will keep doubling each round!

2. Cash Pump – Play n Go

Fueling, unfortunately, is still expensive. When you finally found a gas station after driving in the desert, it must be an extra expensive one, right? Not this time. At this gas station, refueling can net you a nice amount of money just like that. With as many as 12 reels and as many slots, you can try your luck. Who knows, you may soon have recouped your refueling costs – and your previous ones, too!

3. Rally 4 Riches – Play n Go

Rallying is perhaps the most challenging form of motorsport. High speeds on narrow roads – the smallest mistake can mean the end of the race. Excitement and spectacle guaranteed! With this slot, you will experience the same excitement. It is a classic three-reel game, but in addition to the familiar fruit symbols, you play the game with rally cars. Will you go home with the prize money?

4. Drive: Multiplier Mayhem – Netent

If rallying doesn’t already offer enough excitement, street racing does. Not only do you want to win the race, you want to make sure the police don’t catch you. Bj this game you take on the role of a street racer. Not only do horsepower run high here, but so does your score. Especially if you catch the multiplier of up to 120x again. Who knows, maybe this game will cause you to buy a real street racer soon.

5. Road Rage – Nolimit City

Has winning not worked out yet? Or are you just annoyed by all those Sunday drivers on the road? Then this is the game to get your frustrations off your chest. Moreover, the traffic chaos here works in your favor. All kinds of traffic events increase your chances of winning. Will that ghost driver make you walk away with the top prize – 36,000 times your stake?