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Car dealerships sometimes charge absurd amounts for Opel Rocks-e

November 29, 2022

Supply and demand

Of course, a car company has the freedom to respond to market demand. Of course, it remains a matter of supply and demand. Since the Opel Rocks-e is quite popular, some car companies are raising asking prices by thousands of euros.

Delivery time Opel Rocks-e

Those who place an order for an electric Opel Rocks-e now will have to wait until about June 2023. At the time of writing, that’s about a seven-month wait. Is not having to wait so long worth an extra cost of nearly 3,000 euros? That is doubtful, but some companies do advertise sharply higher prices to entice people to still buy one from stock. The advantage then is that you can drive immediately.

Opel Rocks-e

Recommended retail price Opel Rocks-e

The little Vauxhall comes from 8,499 euros in base trim. The more popular Tekno or Klub versions have a price tag of 9,299 euros. There are companies that charge 11,495 euros for a basic version. So that’s almost 3,000 euros more compared to the consumer recommended price.

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