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BYD Tang: these are the prices and features

October 24, 2022

Three models from BYD

BYD carries three models in the Netherlands: the Atto 3, Tang and Han. We have already covered the Atto 3 in an extensive article on this website, including everything about pricing, private lease and equipment. Driving that Atto 3 can start at 42,998 euros. While the starting price of the BYD Han – a sexy and especially luxurious electric sedan – is not yet known, that of the BYD Tang is.

Han or Tang…

Admittedly, really sexy names don’t carry BYD. BYD’s marketing department probably should have thought about that a little longer. We are soon reminded of the jokes about a Chinese mother-in-law. What you call those? Pliers. What about a Chinese father-in-law? Afraid of Tang. Oh well, all kidding aside: as a product, the BYD Tang absolutely stands its ground.

Performance BYD Tang

It looks nicely European and offers fine performance. In a nutshell: 380 kW of system power (517 hp), a 0-100 time of 4.6 seconds, an 86.4 kWh battery with a range of 400 kilometers (WLTP), a top speed of 180 km/h and a luggage space of up to 1,655 liters. And did we mention that the BYD Tang is a seven-seater as standard?

Only one version: Premium

What all that should cost? Simple: BYD maintains only one version: the Premium. That one already has everything on board and costs 73,300 euros. There is also only one interior theme: Brown Leather. However, you can still choose from five exterior colors, namely Snow White, Mountain Gray, Silver Sand Black, Stony Blue and Emperor Red. So anything goes, red, white, blue or if you like farmers in a different order: blue, white or red. The colors have no additional cost, the price is all-inclusive.

BYD Tang via private lease

You can choose to buy. Then you will pay 73,300 euros. But private leasing is also possible. In that case, you pay 1,186 euros based on 60 months and 10,000 kilometers per year. BYD’s import and distribution is through Louwman Group, a well-known player in the automotive industry, as this company is also responsible for Toyota and Lexus in the Netherlands.