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Buying an RV? This one costs just under 300,000 euros

October 11, 2022

A camper almost 10 meters long!

We have to be a little more precise: this brand new motorhome from Niesmann Bischoff is for sale for 289,500 euros, including VAT. The monstrosity is 9,270 mm long, 2,415 mm wide and has a curb weight of 6,327 kilograms. With a towing weight of 3,300 kilograms, you may also pull a hefty trailer. It goes without saying that you do need a large driver’s license.

Strong diesel engine

To get all that weight moving, this camper is equipped with a 210-hp 3.0-liter turbodiesel, mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission from ZF. Just refueling? If so, you will have to dig deep and also be patient for a while, because this camper has a fuel tank of 190 liters. With a liter price of 2.10 euros for diesel, a full tank will soon cost you 400 euros.

More luxurious than many a row house

Enough technology, of course you also want to know what luxuries this Niesmann Bischoff Flair 920LW Clou Line has on board. Better to ask the question: what does this camper not have? It is more luxurious than many a row house. In fact, this camper is packed to the brim.

This Niesmann is equipped with…

Hold on: a bathroom with shower, living room, multiple bedrooms, Smart TV, solar panel on the roof, outdoor shower, brown leather upholstery, air conditioning, double-glazed cabin windows, garage space, ceramic toilet with 160-liter tank, coffee machine, air suspension on the rear axle and – finally – a kitchen and sink made of high-quality solid plastic with recessed sink. Of all the conveniences, then.

Leasing an RV for 27 grand a year, gulp!

This Niesmann Bischoff is brand new and has only 10 kilometers on the odometer. We found it at Russcher Auto’s of Staphorst. Whoever transfers 289,500 euros may take it. Leasing is also possible: it will cost you 2,257 euros per month, or 27 grand per year. The message is clear: this ultra-luxury motorhome is only available to the happy few. Rather rent an adventurous Dakar motorhome? Then check this one out.