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Buying a used car cheaply? The trick!

July 10, 2023

You often buy a used car because its price is a lot lower than a new car. Also, of course, there are many car enthusiasts who find old-timers more beautiful, than the new cars appearing on the market. Whatever the reason, buying a used car is completely different from buying a new car. To make sure you get a competitive deal, it’s smart to know a few tricks. Which ones are they? Read on quickly.

Look through it

Whereas with houses it is already common knowledge that you have to “see through” certain things, this is still sometimes an underexposed thing when buying cars. Still, that is certainly a good thing to do. As with a house, the foundation must be in order, but the rest can handle a dose of overdue maintenance. Here you can think of cracks in the upholstery and even a scratch in the paint. All defects on a car that are easily fixed by specialist companies. Indeed, auto repair has really taken off in recent years in terms of professionalism. Also in terms of sustainability, we have become more frugal with the car, repairing it even more than we already did. Of course, when selling, do always ask why there are scratches/tears/dents in the car. By emphasizing this you will see the value drop acutely, and you will have a good bargaining position.

The expert

Not a car expert yourself? Then it is not at all crazy to have an expert look at the car before actually closing the deal. Indeed, this ensures that you can be sure that the basics are in order. Of course, this can never be said with 100% certainty, but the probability is really much higher. He or she can check that the engine is okay and that you are not overlooking basic things. So buying a car with a second opinion is really something that can be negotiated.

In short, scoring a good occasion is certainly still possible today, but requires some extra alertness. If you pay attention to this and know the right tricks, you can get a very competitive deal just like that. Then, when you also maintain the car properly and perhaps refurbish it a bit, it can even increase in value quite a bit in the future. Before you know it, you’ll be a real car dealer!