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Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Golden Era is nightmare for damage repairer

August 11, 2023

Most challenging custom project ever

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Golden Era was perhaps the most challenging custom project Bugatti has ever undertaken, the brand claims. The car is the result of two years of toil, with entirely new techniques.

Achim Anscheidt, former Bugatti Design Director who was responsible for this creation, commented, “Our customers can be incredibly creative and we are proud to help them realize dreams, but elaborate special commissions like this are extremely rare. We usually don’t see more than one or two creations on this scale per year. Given the vision and demanding nature of this project – and the fantastic ideas we wanted to realize – ‘Golden Era’ is probably the most demanding piece of personalization work my team and I have ever worked on.”

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Golden Era

Milestone moments compiled

Anscheidt continued: “A very important customer came to us and during our conversations he said that he felt the Chiron Super Sport and the W16 engine represented a milestone in the automotive world. He wanted to do something really unique to celebrate it. We looked back through Bugatti’s history to find some of these milestone moments, including the days of Ettore Bugatti, Jean Bugatti and Roland Bugatti, which really marked the first golden era for the company. And then, of course, the modern incarnation of Bugatti from 1987, where I picked the icons from that era that went on to define the Bugatti brand. Our team proposed a concept with 45 sketches of the brand’s icons that would be hand-drawn directly onto the car itself. The owner immediately fell in love with the design. The implementation may sound quite simple, but achieving a perfect finish that would stand the test of time required more patience and craftsmanship than you can ever imagine.”

Inheritance of Bugatti

The overall project for the car would capture Bugatti’s legacy, a story told through a composition of beautifully intricate sketches depicting milestones of the legendary brand. On the passenger side, 26 hand-drawn sketches reveal icons such as the Type 41 Royale – hailed as the most luxurious car when it was unveiled in 1926 – and the Type 57 SC Atlantic, widely regarded as the most beautiful car ever designed. On the driver’s side, 19 sketches show Bugatti’s rebirth and continued success since 1987, ranging from the EB110 to the Veyron and Chiron. The W16 engine is also pictured. With extreme passion, a certain amount of trial and learning, the final sketch was finally completed after an entirely new technique was developed to achieve the desired finish for the exterior artwork. In total, this phase of the process took more than 400 hours – a testament to the complexity of the artwork.

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Golden Era

Gold tone: Doré

In addition, a custom paint color was chosen: a timeless and festive gold shade called “Doré. This color was created and applied to the car with a gradient color split into a special metallic variant of “Nocturne Black. Did we mention that repairing damage would be a real nightmare?

Interior Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Golden Era

The interior looks just as special. On each of the door panels, three Bugatti icons were applied by hand with a specially formulated paint and a fine brush that allowed one of the design team to draw directly on the leather. The EB110, Veyron and Chiron, legends of today, face the icons of the past that inspired them: the Type 35, Type 57 SC Atlantic and the Type 41 Royale – applied to the other side of the interior. Subtle ‘Golden Era’ stitching and handwritten ‘One-of-One’ motifs complete the party.

Handing over of Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Golden Era

The car now awaits an official transfer to its owner during Monterey Car Week. Supposedly, it is also one of the most expensive Bugatti Chiron Super Sport models ever made.

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Golden Era

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Golden Era

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Golden Era