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Brabus Jimny is brutal and cute at the same time

February 23, 2023

We forgive you if you thought you were actually dealing with a G-Class, because at first glance this Jimny looks quite similar to the iconic Geländewagen. On the outside, you can recognize this dark blue Brabus Jimny by a custom body kit with Brabus emblems, “Turbo 4Matic 800” emblems, the AMG grille and AMG rims, side exhaust pipes and G-Class door handles. Nice detail: the side mirrors also come from a G-Class. There seems to be no question of a poorly finished “kit car” here. The various panels seemingly fit together well, and it almost seems as if the Jimny has always rolled out of the factory this way.

Nice finish, low power

Inside the Jimny, too, Brabus has been quite energetic. The interior is finished in bright orange tones with high-quality leather seats, a steering wheel with Brabus logo and even a Rolls-Royce-like starry sky in the headliner! Furthermore, really everything is covered in leather, right down to the dashboard and the center tunnel. Of course, Suzuki’s controls were simply retained, so inside the Jimny already looks a little less like its “brother from another mother,” the G-Class. Besides, the chances of this Jimny being able to keep up with a G-Class are also pretty slim: a power output of 102 hp and a top speed of 145 km/h are simply not very impressive.

For sale in the Netherlands!

Since Brabus normally only works with Mercedes vehicles, this Suzuki Jimny Brabus is certainly a godsend. Cost that? Almost 80,000 euros! So this Jimny is certainly not a financial windfall, but then you have something truly unique in your driveway! If you are actually interested in this special Jimny, you don’t have to travel far: it is for sale in our own country at 3B Exclusief in Rotterdam!