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BMW Vision Neue Klasse X coming in 2025

March 21, 2024

Also a sporty sedan

Zipse: “The Neue Klasse offers a diversity of models that customers want today and in the future. From a sporty sedan and all its derivatives to a modern SAV family. In this way we underline that the Neue Klasse is more than just a car or a specific concept; it is also a redefinition of BMW as a brand, which at the same time will radiate more BMW than ever.”

Driving at an even higher level

“Neue Klasse means BMW driving on an even higher level,” said Frank Weber, Member of the Executive Board of BMW AG responsible for Development. “The BMW of the future has four totally new ‘super-brains.’ These are computers with very high computing power that cleverly cooperate with each other for control systems that were previously controlled separately. We have developed the first ‘super-brain’ completely in-house. It controls the entire drive and driving dynamics with up to ten times more computing power than before. The second ‘super-brain’ should enable a giant step for autonomous driving,” Weber said. “Furthermore, we will combine the control of four essential control systems into a single high-performance computer. That will deliver more dynamic performance, more precision, more efficiency and more driving pleasure.”

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X

Vehicle Structure

The distinctive BMW X “two-box” design language combined with new style of the Neue Klasse represents a major step forward in exterior and interior design. With increased ground clearance, the all-electric vehicle structure opens new avenues to an even more spacious interior. Because now a larger wheelbase and shorter overhangs with classic BMW proportions are possible. Large windows and a panoramic glass roof fill the interior with plenty of light from outside, creating a spacious ambiance, complemented by an interior in warm colors.

New design language

“The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X is a preview of our Neue Klasse X models. From which the same principles are applied to our Sport Activity Vehicle models: electric, digital and circular,” said Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design. “The X models will always remain strong in character: monolithic, sleek and with a very distinguished vertical interpretation of the BMW light signature.” The new design language for the BMW X models also contributes to the decisive appearance of the Vision concept model. Vertically arranged LED lighting units offer a fresh, new take on BMW’s signature light signature.

BMW kidney grille

At the front center, the BMW kidney grille is transformed into a three-dimensional sculpture with vertically arranged and backlit contours. Along with the headlights, the lighting in the kidney grille welcomes the driver as soon as he or she approaches the car. The lighting scene continues in the interior. The taillight units extend far to the center of the rear and offer a horizontal interpretation of the familiar BMW L-shape. The 3D printed elements are individually controlled with variable light intensity to create an effect of depth. The flat glass surfaces and Coral Silver body color give the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X a certain lightness. The rear part of the side windows features the Hofmeister nod known from the brand, not with a chrome edge but with a reflective print, which creates a transparent or reflective surface, depending on the viewing angle.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X

BMW Panoramic Vision

The higher seating position provides a confidence-inspiring driving experience. The redesigned steering wheel with multifunction buttons, Central Display with intuitive Touch Control operation and BMW Panoramic Vision, together with the advanced voice control of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, serve as interfaces for human-vehicle interaction. BMW Panoramic Vision projects essential information across the full width of the windshield. In the production models of the Neue Klasse, this is complemented by an improved version of the BMW 3D Head-Up Display.

Central Display

In the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X, the Central Display is elegantly integrated into the dashboard, giving driver and front passenger optimal access to all infotainment functions. The projected colors are not only part of the Ambiance lighting but also in the backlighting of the fabric-covered parts of the dashboard.

Hypersonx Wheel

The Personal Sound Experience comes to life in the new HYPERSONXWHEEL. This digital feature allows occupants to enjoy a customizable sound with every ride. The sound can be adjusted with a tap of the finger on the HYPERSONXWHEEL and is an innovative contribution to an all-encompassing user experience in the interior of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X.


The latest, sixth generation of BMW eDrive technology includes improved eDrive electric motors and new round lithium-ion battery cells, with more than 20% higher energy density than the prismatic cells used now. Together with an 800-volt system, the speed of charging increases by 30%, making it possible to top up 300 kilometers in 10 minutes. The sixth generation BMW eDrive also offers up to 30% more driving range on a full battery. The aerodynamics of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X show impressive figures: with a 20% lower drag compared to the current X lineup. A specifically designed tire tread and a special braking system for all-electric models increase vehicle efficiency by over 25%.

Petroleum-free interior

An entirely plant-based, mineral-based, petroleum-free surface material “Verdana” was developed for the interior. In the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X, this material will be used in the lower part of the door panels and in the center console. Marine plastics are also first used for injection molded parts. These particular components consist of 30% of this secondary raw material, derived, for example, from discarded fishing nets.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X