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BMW Concept Skytop is a very elegant roadster

May 27, 2024

Sporty and stylish

The BMW Concept Skytop has a sleek and muscular appearance, but at the same time looks very elegant. It is a typical BMW, with a sharknose front end and the familiar Hofmeister nod. The handsome bolide has precise lines and integrated door handles. The alloy wheels with fine slats add to the elegance of the design.

From above, the wide hood, illuminated BMW kidney grille and streamlined rear end stand out. A distinctive line runs from the hood to the tailgate, emphasizing the dynamic silhouette, with subtle references to the classic BMW Z8 Roadster. Both the front and rear lights have a very thin profile.


Behind the seats is a leather-clad roll bar, combined with side fins and a retractable rear window. The two removable roof sections, also finished in leather, can be stored in a special compartment in the luggage compartment. The color scheme transitions seamlessly from interior to exterior, with a gradient from reddish brown to silver.

Not electric

The interior of the BMW Concept Skytop shows that this car is closely related to the BMW 8 Series. It comes in a new reddish-brown color and features leather seats with Brogue-style accents and crystal details in the cockpit. Under the hood is the same powerful V8 engine found in the BMW M8.