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Blinding car windows? This is what you need to know

April 11, 2022


Blinding car windows is often done so that the occupants have more privacy. The foil also lets in less sunlight, making the temperature in the car a lot more pleasant. That is why you see cars with tinted windows driving, especially in warm countries. In our country, tinted windows mainly have an aesthetic function.


Of course, car windows must allow enough light to pass through, so that you can keep an eye on traffic. Otherwise there may be danger. Legislation has been made to keep it safe for everyone. You have to comply with a number of rules if you want to blind your car windows. The Vehicle Regulations contain the permanent technical requirements that vehicles in the Netherlands must meet. The regulation states that the windscreen must transmit at least 75% light. For the windows in the front doors, the light transmission  be at least 70%. Windows that are behind the driver may be shaded a little more.

Checks on tinted windows

Blinding your car windows is therefore possible, if you adhere to the rules that apply. The police conduct regular checks on cars with tinted windows. The police then use a tinting device to determine whether the window allows enough light to pass through. If this is not the case, you risk a fine of 230 euros and you will have to remove the foil on the spot. It is therefore advisable to have the blinding done by a professional, so that you can be sure that your car windows are sufficiently translucent.

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