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Bizarre: Peugeot 208 as a hearse

December 8, 2022


We recently wrote about a Dutch funeral transport company that has commissioned as many as seven Tesla Model 3 hearse. Who would have thought Tesla’s compact sedan would be an ideal base for a hearse? We don’t. But it could be even crazier, apparently. In Argentina, a body shop converted a Peugeot 208 into a funeral car.

Peugeot 208

You read it correctly. The company did not tackle a 308 SW or 508 SW, but the very smallest car offered by the French. Moreover, they took the absolute base version, with 15-inch wheels, halogen lights and without the cool daytime running lights in tusk shape.

Little power

Still, the results are worthy of note. The company behind the creation – Carrozados Rosano – clearly has a lot of experience, because the sheet metal looks sleek. As if the extended 208 rolled right out of the factory. The “interior” where the passenger takes his last ride is also beautifully finished. We do have some concerns about the lack of power of mourning-208. The base version of the 208 comes with an 82-hp 1.2-liter three-cylinder in Argentina. Enough to get the little Frenchman up a mountain. Whether that will work with a 208 that is twice the size and has to carry a heavy box of contents, we do wonder.

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