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Bizarre: catalyst thieves steal hundreds of millions of euros worth of catalysts

November 8, 2022


If you are now thinking about a possible career switch, we must stop you: The gentlemen who pulled this off in the US are now in jail. The group of 21 suspects stole catalysts on a large scale and made big money doing so. Indeed, the US police seized a whole bunch of fine goods. Thus, several houses, cars, and other expensive items were seized.

Over 500 billion euros

Stealing the catalysts paid off handsomely for the 21 crooks: as much as $545 million worth of goods were seized. According to the Department of Justice (the U.S. Attorney’s Office), these items would have been earned by selling the stolen catalytic converters. A stolen catalytic converter is worth about a thousand euros in America, so they must have captured quite a few.


The 21 suspects in the Catalyst gang have been uncovered by conspicuous cash flows. So for sure it is catalyst theft the U.S. police are not yet doing, but investigations will show that. The police are still looking for footage to establish a crime, but we here in the Netherlands cannot help with that. The fact that thieves choose precisely to nick catalytic converters is quite understandable. In fact, within a minute you will already have a thousand euros up for grabs. The group of catalyst thieves are not the only ones who engage in catalyst theft: in America, it is a major problem, which does not seem to have an end in sight for the time being….