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Best EV occasions

October 26, 2023

Today’s best EV occasions

Emission-free travel and lower fuel costs: driving an electric car is very attractive. However, the purchase price of EVs is often higher than that of regular fuel cars. Fortunately, the occasion supply is growing. Curious about the current state of the art and the best models to purchase second-hand? You can find the best EV used cars here.

EVs on the occasion market

Electric and hybrid cars generally have a higher purchase price than fossil fuel vehicles. For many consumers, this is a reason to still choose a new fuel car over a hybrid or EV. However, by choosing an electric used car, you are less affected by this higher purchase price. This is because a used vehicle sells for a lower price because the vehicle has been used before.

Because EV technology was still in its infancy a few years ago, electric used cars were few and far between for a long time. After all, the occasion supply always lags behind market presence. The great strides in technology also made the first used EVs much less attractive because the new alternatives were significantly better in many areas. Thanks to the rapid rise of electric cars in recent years, more and more are becoming available in the used car market as well.

What should you look for when buying an electric occasion?

Buying a used car is very different from buying a new car. After all, the vehicle has already been used and, as a potential buyer, you want to know well in advance what is being offered. Despite the fact that all used cars sold on sites like Auto.co.uk or at dealerships are thoroughly inspected, it is wise to always check that everything is working yourself as well. This is especially true with electric used cars.

Some tips: request a report regarding the battery status of the EV. Electric car batteries last between 10 and 20 years on average, but a check and understanding of their current status can’t hurt. That way you avoid having to buy a new battery after a few years because you’re at a charging station every so often.

Also important when buying an electric or hybrid occasion is the charging port. Is it still in good condition and is its charge rate still up to par? Both electric and hybrid cars can generate energy when they brake. This also ensures in the case of hybrid cars without a plug, for example, that they can support the fuel engine, since they cannot be recharged. This feature causes the brakes to wear faster than usual. Therefore, when inspecting an electric occasion, it is advisable to always check the brakes properly or have this done by an expert.

The best EV used cars

How do you discover which occasion suits you?

If you want to buy an EV occasion you can go about it in several ways. You can choose to look at providers’ sites to see what is on offer and then choose from these which model best suits your needs. An alternative is to first research which electric models score best on longevity and other aspects and then look specifically for a used car of this model. You guessed it: we recommend proceeding this way. After all, this is how you choose a car that best fits your lifestyle and that you will enjoy for the longest time.

Looking for inspiration from today’s best EVs?

Perhaps there is something among these that suits you perfectly and that you want to buy now or in a while as a used car. Also helpful: our expert partner Moby has prepared both an EV buying guide and a used car buying guide. These will help you get started in the process of choosing and buying an electric or used car. Combine the knowledge and insights to find the best occasion for you!