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Believe it or not: this sports car brand is also coming out with an SUV

December 5, 2022


The Corvette is actually a Chevrolet sports car, but the higher-ups at General Motors are toying with the idea of making Corvette a brand all its own. Officially its own brand since 2005, it has only one model: the Corvette. But at GM, they want it to have more models so that it can really stand on its own two feet.


It all has to happen in 2025. Then the introduction of two new “Vettes” should take place: an SUV and a sporty limousine à la the Porsche Taycan. Both models – like the Taycan – will be fully electric. According to sources, the models will use large battery packs, which can charge at 350 kW at lightning speed thanks to 800-volt technology.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray

Smart move

It is not strange that the Americans are likely to make this decision. Thanks in part to the Cayenne, Porsche is now one of the most valuable car brands in the world, and other exclusive brands are also splashing money against the skirting boards thanks to the success of SUVs. At GM, they also want to get a piece of the pie and ride on the SUV hype. The somewhat dormant Corvette brand still has a lot of brand value, making it ideally suited for this venture. So count on it to happen.