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Behold the next-generation Toyota C-HR, sort of

December 6, 2022

Toyota C-HR Prologue looks very realistic

The Toyota C-HR Prologue is a first, very real vision of a new model soon to hit European roads, according to the Japanese automaker. The Prologue makes it immediately clear that Toyota is sticking to the features so recognizable for the C-segment SUV. Thus, the successor also gets diamond-shaped bodywork. Larger wheels with shorter overhangs enhance the appearance of the exterior.


Toyota is marketing the next generation not only as a C-HR Hybrid, but also as a plug-in hybrid version. Specifications Toyota cannot yet name. But presumably the model adopts the PHEV powertrain from the new Prius Plug-in Hybrid. That one has 223 hp (164 kW) of power and up to 69 kilometers of electric range.

Toyota C-HR Prologue

Three colors

A special feature of the Prologue is the third color accent: ‘Sulphur’ over metallic silver and recycled carbon black. This new color is purposely designed to be extra to stand out in a tri-tone option.

History of Toyota C-HR

At the Paris Motor Show in October 2014, the Toyota C-HR concept debuted. Two years later, the model went into production. The current generation was “born” in ED2, Toyota’s European design development headquarters in southern France. Logically, the Prologue was also created in ED2. “Our mission was to push our limits more than ever. We are incredibly looking forward to introducing our new C-HR,” said Lance Scott, Design Director at ED2.

Toyota C-HR Prologue