AutoRAI Podcast

AutoRAI Podcast (#20): Laurens van Bergeijk (PR Kia Netherlands) on the success and future of Kia in the Netherlands

December 15, 2023

In the twentieth episode of the AutoRAI Podcast, Laurens van Bergeijk (PR Kia Netherlands) is our guest. Together with host Jur Raatjes and AutoRAI editors Nile van Leeuwen and Max Veldhuis discuss key developments from the world of automotive and mobility. Among other things, about the success, technological developments and the future of Kia in the Netherlands. We also discuss the Car of the Year 2024 nominations, the first electric Range Rover and Renault’s future electric lineup. We also have an exclusive interview with Laurens van den Acker, Chief Design Officer at Renault Group, about the new Dacia Duster. And as always, we have the regular sections “the ode of” and the “30 Seconds” courtesy of Bart Oostvogels. Enjoy!